"Twenty-eight percent of us are bald."


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  "Laughter is not
  a basketball.
  It's not a good
  half court
  offense, either."
  John Wooden


Together we are Mandatory Friends, but individually and alphabetically we are...

Glenn Heath

Glenn Heath has been acting since 1994, with numerous roles in commercial, TV, stage and film. His first love, however, is performing comedy improvisation. Glenn got his start in Pittsburgh, PA at Friday Night Improvs and continued to perform with The Susquehanna Hat Company for five years. Since moving to Nevada, Glenn has had the fortune to perform with improv troupes in Carson City, Reno and currently with Comedy Off the Cuff, The Sandbox Association and Mandatory Friends in Las Vegas. Glenn is currently training with The Second City in Las Vegas. An aspiring writer, Glenn has written sketch comedy and scripts for TV and film. His first screenplay, The Shroud, was purchased in 2003 and is currently in preproduction for filming in May of 2005. You can visit Glenn on the web at his Web site, or e-mail him at heathge@yahoo.com.

Veronica Moorhead

Veronica has been an interactive artist for many years. In improv, she has trained with ComedySportz and Second City Las Vegas. She has been a member of many improv groups such as Stuck Here, Strangely Attractive, Smarty Pants Improv Theater and THINKFAST!dayton in Dayton, Ohio and Comedy Off the Cuff and now Mandatory Friends in Las Vegas. In her former life, Veronica performed internationally with the acclaimed Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and has received honors for her choreography from the Montgomery Arts Council, the Monticello Foundation and the Craft of Choreography Award from Mid-States Regional Dance America. Currently, she is working on her one-woman show, "Open Door," and a two-person show , "...in bed," with her hubby, Dan.

Brandon Muller

Brandon Muller has been performing improvisational comedy since 1998 when he joined his first troupe, The Impros. He founded and performed with numerous comedy troupes before finding his current home with Mandatory Friends. He honed his acting and improvisational skills through the Second City training center in Las Vegas. Brandon also performs stand-up comedy, writes a humor column for Skeptic magazine and contributes to the Top Five internet comedy list. He has written comedy scripts, sketches, and songs. He can be contacted at zorbuck@hotmail.com.

Matt Phillips

Matt has been with Mandatory Friends from the beginning. He has taken classes at the Second City Workshop, and was in comedy troupes including No Apologies, Guppysheep Theater and Dark Night Players. He has performed comedy at the Attic, the Riviera Hotel, the Bourbon Street Hotel, UNLV, Cafe Copioh, Jitters, the Monte Carlo Hotel , and the Las Vegas Little Theater. Matt wrote an independent film when he was in the sixth grade called Miss Marsh's Experience. Some interesting things about Matt are: He speaks French, he turns his feet backwards, and he twists balloon animals. Some pretty nice things about Matt are: He's married with two kids, and he loves them very much. One last thing about Matt: He is funny. Reach Matt at lvmphillips@hotmail.com.

Chris Robinson

Chris began stand-up comedy in a high school talent show, at 14, on a dare from a senior. At 16, he began performing in musical theater productions in his home town of Sacramento. Chris moved to Texas in 1994, after acceptance into the University of North Texas College of Music, to study composition and jazz piano. He's a self-taught pianist and a trained singer. Chris returned to stand-up after moving to San Francisco in 2000. There, he studied voice-over with Taylor Korobow at The Voice Factory. He moved to Vegas in 2003 after two nasty lay-offs. Chris then trained with The Second City. Chris works as a digital animator and visual effects artist. Contact Chris at chris@chrisrobinson.com.

Jennifer Smith

Jennifer Urcioli Smith (the red-haired one) studied improvisation and musical improv with the Second City Training Center in Las Vegas. Troupes she has performed with include No Apologies and Speedbirth (the first incarnation of Mandatory Friends). She has also written and performed comedy sketches and song spoofs for fun, for non-profit organizations and with the late, great Guppy Sheep Theater. She has honed her regular acting chops in community theater productions and workshops around Las Vegas. She regularly employs her improvisational skills in her day job, specifically, teaching first graders to read and write, as well as navigating the red tape of the Clark County School District. You can e-mail Jen at keelyandlou@yahoo.com.

Emeritus Members of
Mandatory Friends

Once a friend, always a friend. These cast members are considered Emeritus because while they have a lifetime membership in the troupe, they aren't in the show every week. The selfish bastards.

TJ Hampton

TJ has served as the group's director, and has been performing improvisational comedy since March 13th, 2002 when he first took the stage for his Second City Training Center Student Showcase. Since that day of dry heaves, he has performed in an average of one show a week in various troupes in Las Vegas. TJ can be contacted at tommyj007@yahoo.com.

Damian Mace

Coming from a musical family, Damian learned all the skills anyone needs to make it in show business like singing, dancing, writing, acting and, of course, humility. Trained at the Second City Training Center, Damian has performed in numerous musicals, plays and showcases, including the "Vagina Monologues," "The Laramie Project" and "The New City Theater Actors Showcase." He's written screenplays, directed numerous short films, performed music at venues such as the House of Blues and the Joint, and is working on his debut CD. Damian runs a successful graphic design business.

Scott Roeben

Scott Roeben is a humorist and creator of the award-winning humor Web site, Dribbleglass.com. Scott has been involved in acting, writing, and directing since the age of 13, and has had featured roles in such TV classics as The McKenzie's of Paradise Cove and The Love Connection. Scott graduated from the University of Hawaii, is an award-winning public speaker, and has a book deal with Running Press for a humor book, "Twisted Billboards," slated for 2005. If you're a single woman, preferably one with very low standards, Scott can be reached at webmaster@dribbleglass.com.

Jeynifer Tribbitt

Jeynifer is a Texas native. "Yee haw!" She has been an actor since the tender age of 9, following in a long family tradition of performers. She has been seen over the years with Opryland, Sea World, and as a founding member of Comedy Sportz San Antonio. Before coming to Vegas to pursue her career as Giselle, the interactive head at the Rio's Show in the Sky, she was the Executive Producer of the Shoestring Shakespeare Company. She currently heads up the Second City training center.



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